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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Facebook users being the targets by the scammers with PlayStation 4 offers

 The unsuspecting and unwary Facebook users are being lured by cybercriminals with the promises of shiny gadgets. These scammers took advantage of the time when everyone is looking out for last minute deals ahead of Christmas. They are all over where they could defraud busy Christmas shoppers, they were jumping on the bandwagon and offering free gadgets and games on social networking sites in return for personal information.

Kaspersky Lab has seen scammers trying to interest Facebook users with pages on PlayStation 4 offers, and on new Apple iPhones and iPads during the lead up to this festive period and there were even pages about an iPhone 8, which doesn’t exist.

According to Kaspersky, despite the unofficial-looking posts, many are falling for them and lending credence to the scam campaigns. One supposed Christmas competition offering PlayStation 4 consoles had received over 776 shares.

Kaspersky risk management projects Lab notifies public that liking these false Facebook offers could leave them at risk of hacking and malware.

“Scammers use numerous techniques to get people to give away their Facebook logins. Clicking on an email link entitled ‘Facebook Christmas Specials’, for example, could open a fake Facebook portal in which users are required to enter their login details,” warned Kaspersky.

“As the interface appears identical to the real social media platform, users don’t realise what’s happening. Once the victims have entered their details, the hacker has their passwords. As most people tend to use the same password for services such as eBay, Amazon and webmail, this can trigger a dangerous chain reaction.”

Kaspersky said that social media users should never click links that don’t come from trusted parties. Even if a link has been posted from a friend they should still be wary, as that friend may have been hacked.