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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dyman Review: Panchal Associates, Contact

We would like to introduce ourselves as a Manufacturer of Duoblock type Industrial OIL / GAS Burners, their spares & accessories. The Proprietor, Mr. B. H. Panchal is having vide experience in Erection, Commissioning & Servicing of M/S OERTLI & KLOCKNER type OIL / GAS Burners with M/S. IAEC INDIA LTD; BHANDUP, MUMBAI. We manufacture Oil / Gas Burners, their Spares, Accessories & Controllers like Positioner controllers, Electronic Low Water probe relay etc.

We also manufacture replacement spares for the Boilers manufactured by M/S. IAEC INDIA LTD., MUMBAI and any other Make & Brands of The Boilers & Burners. We Design & Manufacture Impo+rt substitute for special purpose Burners & their accessories. We also Sale & Service LANDIS & GYR, SATRONIC, PETERCEM & other Make & Brands of Sequence controllers for Oil & Gas Burners. We also undertake Guaranteed repairs of all types of the Burners & Boilers components, Controllers & their accessories.

Address       :           #84-89, New Modella Industrial Estate, Wagle Estate, Thane - 400604, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Tel. No.        :           (022) 25827433 / 25800651 / 9920190503

Fax No.         :           (022) 25800651

Email            : 

ADDRESS (Factory)       :           Unit No.7, Ferrodie Indl.Co-Op Society Ltd.

Road No.22, Wagle Estate, Thane - 400 604, Maharashtra, INDIA

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dyman Review: Panchal Associates, Positioner PEPC-10


* The positioner controller PEPC - 10 is used in connection with a pressure transmitter potentiometer and Servo motor drive feedback potentiometer    to modulate the firing with respect to the boiler Set pressure.
* Up to three positioners controllers can be controlled from one pressure transmitter potentiometer.


* The positioner controller can be mounted in any position in a dry location, e.g control panel.
* The version for line voltage (e.g. 220v- or 110v-) has to be protected against accidental touching of live parts
* For panel or wall mounting the controller has to be built into the housing.

* Before connection the unit it has to be checked, if the available supply voltage corresponds with the voltage Given on the positioner label.
  (e.g. 220v- or 110v-)


* The positioner controller PEPC 10 is a P - controller. The position of the pressure transmitter potentiometer GW (0% - 100%) is compared with the position of the burner feedback potentiometer R W (100% - 0%) built into the servo motor drive. When a deviation exists in the transmitter potentiometer the positioner controller.
Give the corresponding control signals to the motor drive until the position balance is established.
Transmitter and feedback potentiometers with a nominal value from 130 to 2000 ohms can be used.


* Switch on installation
* Run transmitter drive in to one limit position (0%) i.e. connect manual potentiometer to 11,13, & 14 of PEPC - 10 Equal to transmitter    potentiometer value.
* Check if servo motor drive runs into the other limit position. (100%) or High Flame.
* Run transmitter drives into the other limit position (100%) and cheek the Servo motor drive run to Low Flame.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects

Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects is a Risk Management firm whose main office is based in Boston, MA. We operate in the following fields: Cyber Security, Project Management, Emergency Management, Technology Governance, and Physical Security. Our company is a minority-owned enterprise with both MBE & DBE certifications.

Quite often, organizations muddle through crises in isolation, undertaking prime decisions within a vacuum. Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects has the collective know-how to minimize your exposure to risk and help make your business become more resilient. We will work diligently for your benefit. We believe that honesty, reliability, and excellent customer service serve as the foundation for lasting relationships. Moreover, we supply empathy, humility, and a promise to give back to our community.

Cyber Security

The increase of incidents of cyber-attacks against businesses and government agencies in the United States continues. FBI Director Robert Mueller revealed that, "Terrorism is still FBI's top priority. But very soon, we expect that the cyber threat will replace terrorism as the number one threat to national security".

Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects utilizes its decades-old track record in cyber security to provide protection for your employees, intellectual property, and other precious assets. Our consultants not only have many years of experience, but are also dedicated to the regular honing of their skills and keeping current on the innovations in hacking techniques and security trends.

Our services include:

  • Cloud Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Incident Response
  • Computer Forensics
  •  Electronic Discovery
  • Penetration Testing