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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dyman Review: Panchal Associates, Contact

We would like to introduce ourselves as a Manufacturer of Duoblock type Industrial OIL / GAS Burners, their spares & accessories. The Proprietor, Mr. B. H. Panchal is having vide experience in Erection, Commissioning & Servicing of M/S OERTLI & KLOCKNER type OIL / GAS Burners with M/S. IAEC INDIA LTD; BHANDUP, MUMBAI. We manufacture Oil / Gas Burners, their Spares, Accessories & Controllers like Positioner controllers, Electronic Low Water probe relay etc.

We also manufacture replacement spares for the Boilers manufactured by M/S. IAEC INDIA LTD., MUMBAI and any other Make & Brands of The Boilers & Burners. We Design & Manufacture Impo+rt substitute for special purpose Burners & their accessories. We also Sale & Service LANDIS & GYR, SATRONIC, PETERCEM & other Make & Brands of Sequence controllers for Oil & Gas Burners. We also undertake Guaranteed repairs of all types of the Burners & Boilers components, Controllers & their accessories.

Address       :           #84-89, New Modella Industrial Estate, Wagle Estate, Thane - 400604, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Tel. No.        :           (022) 25827433 / 25800651 / 9920190503

Fax No.         :           (022) 25800651

Email            : 

ADDRESS (Factory)       :           Unit No.7, Ferrodie Indl.Co-Op Society Ltd.

Road No.22, Wagle Estate, Thane - 400 604, Maharashtra, INDIA

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dyman Review: Panchal Associates, Positioner PEPC-10


* The positioner controller PEPC - 10 is used in connection with a pressure transmitter potentiometer and Servo motor drive feedback potentiometer    to modulate the firing with respect to the boiler Set pressure.
* Up to three positioners controllers can be controlled from one pressure transmitter potentiometer.


* The positioner controller can be mounted in any position in a dry location, e.g control panel.
* The version for line voltage (e.g. 220v- or 110v-) has to be protected against accidental touching of live parts
* For panel or wall mounting the controller has to be built into the housing.

* Before connection the unit it has to be checked, if the available supply voltage corresponds with the voltage Given on the positioner label.
  (e.g. 220v- or 110v-)


* The positioner controller PEPC 10 is a P - controller. The position of the pressure transmitter potentiometer GW (0% - 100%) is compared with the position of the burner feedback potentiometer R W (100% - 0%) built into the servo motor drive. When a deviation exists in the transmitter potentiometer the positioner controller.
Give the corresponding control signals to the motor drive until the position balance is established.
Transmitter and feedback potentiometers with a nominal value from 130 to 2000 ohms can be used.


* Switch on installation
* Run transmitter drive in to one limit position (0%) i.e. connect manual potentiometer to 11,13, & 14 of PEPC - 10 Equal to transmitter    potentiometer value.
* Check if servo motor drive runs into the other limit position. (100%) or High Flame.
* Run transmitter drives into the other limit position (100%) and cheek the Servo motor drive run to Low Flame.