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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dyman Review: Park Associates, Bluetooth Smart Technology Connects Wearables to any Smartphone or Tablet

Watches, bracelets, gloves and hats, are currently being updated with Bluetooth wireless technology which allows them to collect data and send it back to a smartphone or tablet application. Bluetooth Smart is fast becoming the connectivity solution or wearable technology by appealing to consumers with both wearable sports and fitness trackers.

Bluetooth Smart, an intelligent and power-friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology, is making wearables accessible for the mass market. The power-efficiency technology was created for devices needing to run off a small battery for an extended period of time and its applications is compatible with any smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth Smart also makes it easy for developers and OEMs to create solutions that will work with the billions of Bluetooth enabled products already in the market.