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Monday, June 2, 2014

Q&A on Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects’ Involvement in Project Management

One of the main involvements of Dyman & Associates is in the field of Project Management. Here is a brief Q&A that will provide essential information about this service:

Q: What particular aspects of Project Management does Dyman & Associates engage in?

A: Here is a list of Dyman’s involvement in project management:

Remediation Project Management – Dyman assists companies comply with audit-process requirements to make them stay viable.

Data Center Transfer – Dyman reduces downtime risks on clients’ systems and unmet goals during data-center relocation within one site.

Business Continuity – Dyman assures clients of unhampered delivery of their methods and materials during disruptions in vital operations.

Business Impact Analysis – By measuring the viability of each application through extensive interviews within the organization and analyzing the internal and external Service Level Agreements, Dyman can determine the overall health of a company and provide ways for improvement.

Big-scale Technology Resets – Dyman helps clients avoid non-delivery of committed materials by improving cable plant, routers, switches, desktops, Wide Area Network, and others.

Q: Do Dyman & Associates’ consultants have enough experience?

A: Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects senior-leaders have started from very humble beginnings; however, through the years, they have undergone sacrifice and applied diligence to succeed in both private and public sectors. With all their successes, however, they have maintained their focus on doing well and right, not just for their clients but also for the community at-large, and have continued to possess this attitude in their business and personal profession.

Q: Why do we need Project Management?

A: Unpredictability is at the root of Project Management. Many people simply muddle through from crisis to crisis without resolving the root causes of problems that constantly arise to disrupt operations. Project Management allows organizations to predict with greater precision when and how such potential obstacles occur and to implement the necessary solutions or adaptive measures to minimize or remove all threats to the targeted results and achieve sustainability and viable development.

If efficient Project Management is the main ingredient missing in your organization’s operations, call Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects for assistance.

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