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Friday, April 25, 2014

Dyman Associates Management: Project Management

Unpredictability justifies the need for project management. How we prepare for the unpredictable is at the heart of enhancing project implementation — executing projects both in a rapid manner and with superior dependability on the committed targeted dates of delivery.

Usually neglected, the value of project management is vital to a company. Projects render business needs into answers applicable for lasting sustainability and development. Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects fully realizes the essence of implementing projects promptly and within budget. Our project strategy is founded on Goldratt's Theory of Constraints and guarantees the shortest time for delivering your requirements.

Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects consultants are not only PMP-qualified; they are likewise knowledgeable professionals with far-reaching technical and management track record. This lets our project managers comprehend project coverage and assure themselves of the soundness of project target dates as well as involve project stakeholders in important dialogs pertaining to excellent performance.

Our most frequently sought after Project Management involvements are:

Remediation Project Management A company flops an audit and has a number of issues to resolve. Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects makes sure all stakeholders stay centered on the objectives (compliance).

Data Center Move Transferring infrastructure/applications from one location to another or integrating compound DC within one site. Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects minimizes the potentials for unmet target dates and downed systems.

Big-scale Technology Resets By improving cable plant, desktops, routers,switches, POS, Wide Area Network, etc., Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects assures that internal & external stakeholders deliver the goods as committed. We do this both for the corporate office and for 2,000 distant offices all over the world.

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